What we are doing

At McLays an ordinary week for us is to be supplying fresh meat & fresh produce to the catering industry; including many hotels, bars & restaurants as well as some large public sector customers. However, that is not the case just now as our business battles the current and future issues as a result of Covid-19. In the meantime we have the capacity to offer a home delivery service to everyone and anyone who is either struggling to get to the supermarkets or would like that hassle taken away for them. We are here to help if we can, so give our service a go and if it works for you tell more people what we are trying to do. We also hope to grow our offering on a daily basis.

Look out very soon for collaborations we will be doing with other small business in the community as we support each other through tough times. We plan to put a proportion of your spend with us to either another small local business or food bank throughout this period.

Our Products

At McLays we are a family business and have been established since 1987 (onto our 4th generation). We are accredited by Quality Meat Scotland and source meat locally where possible. All meat on this site is made fresh for you and suitable for home freezing

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All of our fruit & veg is sourced locally where possible and throughout the UK an some parts of Europe where the particular item originates. We rotate stock on a daily basis to ensure our stock is a as fresh as possible.

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Brown Brothers Cooked meats. Established in 1885. They are accredited by Quality Meats Scotland and source all meat locally.

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Delivery Details

  • Minimum Order £30
  • Delivery to G,ML and PA postcodes
  • Delivery in 4 working days
  • Free Delivery