Our telesales staff are always available to take your order and are here to help you with any queries you image128 (3)may have. They will also be here to inform you of any special offers and regular promotions we may have. For those who wish to order out with office hours, we also have a 24 hour telephone ordering system.


Using our touchscreen packing and labeling stations, your order will be prepared fresh to specification and image137 (2)packed and labelled suitably according to our quality and specification controls. We ensure strict food safety and hygiene standards are met through continual training of our staff and we are regularly audited by independent bodies to do so.


Our outstanding delivery service is built to offer maximum convenience and flexibility, giving you peace ofCRAIG WALKER AND VAN mind. We use our own temperature controlled vans to ensure your order is delivered as fresh as possible with guaranteed deliver windows. We even include second deliveries to selected areas.

Sales Team

We provide dedicated account managers and sales representatives to handle all your queries immediately. They act as an emergencyMcLays280 (2) contact whenever you need them. On top of this they will also provide personal pricing quotations, tailored to suit your needs.