Pure Roasters ~ Mad Wae It (The Original Blend) – 250G Ground

Pure Roasters ~ Mad Wae It (The Original Blend) – 250G Ground




“Mad Wae It” – definition – to be in a state of pleasant delirium

MWI is a medium dark roast blend of Arabica beans from Rwanda, Brazil and Sumatra. Introduced by smoky aromas of burnt cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose. MWI boasts the creamy astringency of toasted hazelnuts which quickly mellows on the tongue leaving a slightly saline caramel finish with a hint of dark chocolate. The consummate afternoon blend.

This is the blend which started it all, a customer favourite in our store! Perfect people pleasing coffee to serve in your hipster barbershop or in your greasy spoon. Ideal for when you wake up scunnered and want to get right in about the day. Ideal accompaniment to a roll n square sausage 1st thing in the morning.

Medium Dark Roast.
Aroma – Burnt Cinnamon/Nutmeg/Smoke
Flavour – Hazelnut/Walnut, Smoke/Cream
Body – Smooth and mellow
Finish – Saline (salted caramel), dark chocolate
Roast – Medium Dark roasted Arabica from Brazil, Rwanda and Sumatra.

Care instructions
Once ground we recommend you seal the bag and keep it in the freezer. Coffee can be made from frozen and more flavour will be kept if you store it this way.

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